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The 7% Annuity Bet – Is it Prudent Now?

The 7% Annuity Bet - Is it Prudent Now?

The investment has always been a compromise. Meet weigh decisions with your money, you should explain the potential risks and benefits, the best position to determine the desired goal. So, in a manner similar to the probabilities of investment decision. In the United States it is called fixed odds, paris, where you know the odds at the time of placing the bet. It is fairly easy to determine in the stock market, because reliable statistics and performance at previous sessions of at least before the Great Depression, about 1925 are.

I thought it was appropriate to undertake this research now that the stock market is 30% for the month of October as high. I’m using the value of 7% by comparing the behavior of stock prices on an assumed rate of return of 7%, a rate deferred annuity. The requested response: generally better to avoid the risk of the stock market (gained about 7% a year, and also lose money in one year) to accept, with a lower risk of return of 7% bet of a year without risk of loss if the stock each year.

   To start, I took the year Standard & Poor 500 Index and a fixed index annuity you credit at an annual rate of performance of the S & P 500 with a limit of lot 7% ??was used . The ceiling is the maximum amount you can earn in a year, with a base of zero in the early spring. You will never be a bad year with its director. Dividends not for simple calculations ignored.

   Seven decades of data have been used since 1930, and graduated in 2007. This included all my data, and randomly represented in the life of an investor, 78 years.The are given below:

   Market in the 1930s, has lost 41%, get the strategy 7% 31%

Market in 1940, won by 34%, up from 7% to 40% Strategy

Acquired 1950 shares of 257%, get the strategy of 7% to 65%

Acquired 1960 shares of 53%, get the strategy of 7% to 50%

Market of the 1970s, won 17%, get the strategy 7% 49%

Acquired 1980 shares of 227%, get the strategy 7% 66%

1990 shares purchased 315%, you strategy 7% 68%

2000-2007 stock market lost 1%, get the strategy 7% 31%

Now the bill quite simple comparisons: a long-term investor in the stock market for more than 7% rule paid, but it takes a strong stomach in all markets remain poor (24 years and were a year during bear markets experienced declines of 30 to 45%). Counted with the maximum gain of 7% a year, and every year to zero, it would beat market purchase with a credit of 50% or half of the time – the” 40 ‘s ’30, 70’ s, and so far in this decade. The remaining four years of his equity portfolio strategy had exceeded 7%. Together, they earned about three times the amount of the market each year top casino online.

   You can say, “all that is history now, what do I do now?” My answer, if you have more than 15 years to retirement, ¾ to keep your money in the market, and the plan ¼ 7%. If you are young, less on schedule if more than 7%, more on insurance. With the recent action and turmoil in the credit markets, you should look at your missions to determine their risk. If you do not eat or sleep well, you’re probably considering changes. Call me and I can help you.

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Winning diamond ladder